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Former Paco Rabanne CEO opens new wellness retreat The HVN in London

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 20-Oct-2023

It houses specialists who merge ancient therapies with aesthetic treatments to treat everything from gut health to hormonal imbalances

A new “sanctuary for conscious wellbeing” has opened in London, UK, this month, offering a hybrid of aesthetic and wellness treatments. 

The HVN (pronounced ‘haven’) in Knightsbridge combines “ancient therapies with modern sciences” to offer hyper-personalised services for its visitors. 

The two-floor facility houses a selection of industry specialists – doctors, osteopaths, nutritionists and therapeutic experts – who are said to work together to create 360-degree wellbeing plans for consumers.  

The HVN was founded by beauty industry veteran Muriel Zingraff, who is the destination’s CEO. 

Zingraff is the former CEO of luxury fashion house Paco Rabanne and spa brand Aromatherapy Associates, and also worked for L’Oréal, Jimmy Choo and Harrods.

Zingraff co-founded The HVN with beauty professional of more than 30 years Jo Harris, who is COO. 

Dr Tanja Philips serves as the facility’s in-house Medical Director. 

Inside The HVN in Knightsbridge, London

Inside The HVN in Knightsbridge, London

The treatment plans are based on each client’s individual needs and address everything from gut health to hormonal imbalances.

Indian, Japanese and Chinese heritage therapies, such as acupuncture and abhyanga massage, are on offer.

As well as medical aesthetic treatments like vitamin infusions, lasers and hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers.

The aim is to help clients “take control of their wellbeing and truly encompass their vision of looking, feeling and living healthier,” said a statement from the company. 

The urban retreat also features a spa-like area inspired by the Japanese concept of forest bathing – a method of relaxation by being calm and quiet among nature. 

The HVN Forest Bathing space comprises biophilic elements that echo natural biomes to promote relaxation.

Birdsong is played, which is said to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. 

Forest bathing has inspired the interior design

Forest bathing has inspired the interior design

A signature scent containing phytoncides – antimicrobial and insecticidal compounds that are emitted by plants and trees – is also used within the space. 

“The HVN encapsulates everything that [we] see as the fundamentals of a complete health and wellbeing experience,” said Zingraff.

“We have pooled our knowledge and research to curate The HVN as a place to receive bespoke treatments.

“As well as true and transparent information about wellness with complete trust.”

A programme of educational seminars and masterclasses will take place at The HVN in the future. 

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