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Christina Aguilera joins sexual wellness brand Playground as co-founder

The Beautiful singer joins the company founders who first created Playground in 2021

How beauty giants can stay ahead of the competition

The beauty industry can be complex for larger scale corporations, but Cosmetics Business has a number of resources that can help.

in-cosmetics Global: 2023’s top beauty ingredient trends

Senescence busters, mood hacking beauty and naturally-derived, high-performance materials lead this year’s batch of cosmetic ingredient launches

How to navigate the beauty industry as an independent brand

The industry is daunting for small businesses. Cosmetics Business has a number of resources that can help

Cosmetics Business Picks: 8 beauty launches out now

Cosmetics Business chooses eight new beauty and skin care launches which are now available to purchase

The wellness trends that will be everywhere in 2023

As part of a spring refresh, Pinterest's Head of Beauty, Tom Spratt, reveals to Cosmetics Business what 2023 has in-store for wellness

The standout beauty trends from Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023

These are the best brands, trends and ideas on display at beauty's biggest trade show – including our pick of beauty's rising star

Judges confirmed for 2023 Pure Beauty Global Awards

The sixth edition of the ceremony has attracted hundreds of entries coming from all over the globe - and it’s still not too late to make your prese...

Indian wellness brand VLCC receives investment boost

Carlyle has acquired a majority stake in VLCC, which specialises in branded skin care products and high-end specialised beauty and wellness services

Sex sells, but beauty brands are still sleeping on sexual wellness

Traditional beauty brands are shy in the bedroom, but Lauren Cunningham puts the business case forward for expanding into sexual wellness

Sea moss: Why this buzzy supplement is turning heads in beauty

The skin care benefits of sea moss hang on ancedotal rather than scientific evidence – but that's not dampening its sales spike

Synthetic natural ingredients and sexual wellness among 2023’s big beauty trends

Mintel’s predicted global personal care trends for next year include a boost in synthetic biology technologies and products and services that promo...

Buccal fat and Y2K's skinny model obsession. What does it mean for beauty?

Between buccal fat reduction and antidiabetic drugs for weight loss, there are social media extremes in pursuit of the 2000s thin obsession. What d...

Lotus Herbals acquires 20% stake in nutraceuticals company Yogic Secrets

This is the Indian beauty conglomerate’s fifth investment in an emerging brand in the past two years

Adam Reed’s big secret that catapulted his wellness-focused hair care range

The hairdresser on his mental breakdown, building multimillion-pound business Arkive Headcare, expansion plans and micro-dosing on magic mushrooms