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Fragrance creation hits the high street with the Experimental Perfume Club

Published: 13-Jun-2017

Consumers and brands can visit the micro-perfumery to create bespoke scents and learn more about the intricacies of fragrance development

Bespoke fragrance creation has just become that much easier thanks to the launch of the Experimental Perfume Club in the UK.

After an initial six-month pop-up, the micro-perfumery has moved to a permanent address in Netil House, East London.

Consumers and brands are invited to visit the split-level lab to create their own scents or learn about scent through workshops and one-to-one consultations.

The concept was created by Perfumer and former Mintel trend consultant Emmanuelle Moeglin.

She said: “Experimental Perfume Club was born out of a desire to help people reconnect with their senses and access the ‘behind the scenes’ world of a product everybody uses but not many knows much about.

“I had a desire to bring the wonders of fragrance to the world – exciting, exacting and exploratory, just how scent should be. It’s wonderful to see people become so excited about their newly awakened ‘nose’ and take home a unique creation, which is not available anywhere else.”

So far the Experimental Perfume Club has helped more than 500 people design their own fragrances.

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