Gazelli House opens in London

Published: 27-Nov-2015

Beauty brand builds 'immersive' destination for treatments and more

Azeri beauty brand Gazelli Luxury Skincare opened its first treatment destination this week in London's Walton Street, providing prescriptive skin care and body care treatments and diagnoses, but also, unusually, offering clients a home-away-from-home experience.

The brand, which is best known for its special white oil-based skin care products, first publicised the project last year on social media under the alias The Walton Secret, encouraging people to 'lock in' their lifestyle goals via a dedicated website.

The 250sqm house covers three floors. “The ground floor is how we'd imagine a living room to be,” commented co-founder and CEO Jamila Askarova. “This project is about human connectivity and relaxed conversation. The front will have a bar stool set up, so you can pop in for a chat. We have a piano and things like puzzles and crosswords – so the ground floor is somewhere where people can pop into even if they don't have an appointment. We will have regularly scheduled seminars, every two weeks. But also things like complementary 15 minute breathing exercises in the morning; this is the buzzy floor!”

The décor centres around eclectic items “that will grow with the house and change”, for example “leather elements which will age but be lovely”. As Askarova adds: “It's tactile with lots of layering of different materials that are not specific to one style, so anyone can feel comfortable.”

Gazelli House opens in London

Three treatment rooms are located on the lower ground floor. Treatment wise, Gazelli House offers a three-stage diagnostics programme, prescriptive facial treatments (incorporating non-invasive technologies including oxygen therapy, microdermabrasion, high frequency, radio frequency and micro-needling) and prescriptive body treatments, targeting muscle tension, skin tone and texture, digestion and circulation, stress and headaches and the skeletal system.

The treatment rooms feature flower murals made from hand-painted tiles from Spain which “takes it away from that obvious treatment room feel”. In the same vein, Askarova said that with Gazelli House team members, “the idea is they are friends rather than just service providers; you still get that service and respectful relationship, but I think people relax in this atmosphere more”.

Gazelli House also features a sky parlour, described by Askarova as “a little pod of peace”, which features a library and which will host activities such as one-to-one sessions, life coaching and meditation. “The idea its to encourage people to look and see new things,” she added. “There will always be art pieces rotating, sculptures – it will always be exciting and exploratory.”

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