Global rollout of skin observer by NAOS and Haut.AI in 2024

Published: 3-Apr-2024

NAOS and Haut.AI's skin observer set for global launch in 2024: A leap forward in skincare through NAOS’ unique ecobiology approach combined with AI

NAOS, the French founding company behind pioneering ecobiological skincare brands BIODERMA, Etat Pur, and Institut Esthederm, introduces its innovative new digital tool Skin Observer in collaboration with Haut.AI, a leader in AI applications for skincare and skin ageing. The partnership merges cutting-edge AI technology with deep expertise in skin ecobiology.

Developed in collaboration with dermatologists, NAOS Skin Observer offers quick and precise skin analysis, recommending customised rituals adapted to individual skin types. The system adjusts routines based on user preferences, dynamic skin needs providing step-by-step guidance for a seamless skincare experience.

The NAOS philosophy, evident across its multiple global skincare brands, focuses on promoting skin health through a deep understanding of skin, prioritising balance and harmony within the skin's natural ecosystem. Haut.AI contributes extensive expertise in AI-driven skincare, utilising advanced algorithms based on 150+ data points for comprehensive, clinical-grade skin analysis. The partnership, founded on a shared commitment to continuous innovation in beauty technology, resulted in Skin Observer.

“At NAOS, we focus on skin health rather than surface aesthetics. Our unique ecobiological approach treats the skin as a dynamic ecosystem, addressing the root causes of imbalances and promoting skin function. This partnership represents a key milestone in our mission to offer digital innovative services rooted in empowering people in their ability to better understand, take care of their skin. With Haut.AI's technological prowess, we are poised to redefine skincare, making it more personalised and effective than ever before”, said Mikael Coste, Chief Digital Officer at NAOS.

“The NAOS philosophy aligns closely with our own vision at Haut.AI — a comprehensive and holistic approach to skincare and skin ageing,” notes Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO of Haut.AI. “Underpinned by an understanding of the skin as a dynamic ecosystem, we’ve leveraged our AI algorithms, which are grounded in world-class skin science and ageing biomarker research, to offer highly effective, personalised skincare routines tailored to individual needs.”

Skin Observer will first launch in Latin America, with plans for global expansion throughout 2024. It will be rolled out across NAOS and its brand platforms, including BIODERMA, Etat Pur, and Institut Esthederm, providing consumers worldwide with instant access to skin analysis, personalised skincare routines, product recommendations and advice. You can try Skin Observer here.

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