Haut.AI is a leading European AI company delivering hyper-personalised skin care and beauty experiences. Backed by its best-in-class research, science, and tech teams, Haut.AI’s SaaS platform was trained on 3 million data points to evaluate more than 150 unique multidimensional face biomarkers to deliver interactive, customised aesthetic recommendations—with just the quick snap of a selfie. No more guesswork, product waste, or one-size-fits-all recommendations: Haut.AI makes it possible for you to know exactly what your skin needs. The Haut.AI platform is already being used by the world’s leading beauty and skin care brands, including Ulta and Beiersdorf. As a proudly women-led company, Haut.AI’s mission is to make personalised skin care powered by AI the new standard for global beauty and wellness brands

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Product 1 API

Product 1 API allows brands to build exclusive UI/UX and access state-of-the-art AI technology to power their brand or online retail experience. This product offering includes exclusive UI/UX, complete and thorough technical documentation, access to state-of-the-art AI technology, no limit to the number of products, and fast and reliable service.

Product 2 E-commerce platform

Product 2 E-commerce platform is a web-based platform that allows brands to build their own SkinApp experience with 15 skin and 8 hair analysis algorithms and easy product mapping to the AI-powered recommendation engine.

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