GREENTECH is stepping up its commitment to skin longevity with the launch of its latest active ingredient, TIMELYS

Published: 24-Apr-2024

Discover it on booth 1631 at NYSCC Suppliers Day

Leveraging exceptional extraction expertise, GREENTECH has succeeded in extracting schisandrin from the adaptogen rubies of wild flora Schisandra chinensis, a superberry classified among the superior medicines.

This molecule, recognized for its extensive benefits in models of skin’s health and aging, acts as a life force support through specific longevity genes, optimizing essential interconnected cellular functions over time, to preserve skin quality that exudes health.

While maintaining cellular health, TIMELYS® has an intensive preventive action, acting on skin longevity mechanisms such as autophagy, for a glowing, vibrant and smoothed skin, towards timeless beauty.

TIMELYS® represents a notable breakthrough in the realm of skin longevity, seamlessly blending the potency of nature with cutting-edge scientific innovation to provide a comprehensive solution for preservation and extension of skin longevity and skin healthspan.

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