How to care for the female microbiome

Published: 25-Apr-2023

The female microbiome constantly faces changes and challenges during lifetime. It is a key factor for a healthy pregnancy and for a healthy development of our offspring

Not only the vulva and the vaginal microbiome, but also the breast and milk microbiome have a major influence on our descendants.

Hormonal changes, medication and intimate care easily disturb the delicate balance of the female microbiome. Preterm birth, cancer and infections are all correlated with a microbiome out of balance.

Intimate care represents a great innovation opportunity for the cosmetics industry and the figures prove it. Projections indicate that the global market for feminine intimate care has a projected CAGR of 4% between 2020 and 2030 and will exceed $37 billion in 2030.

We are seeing a boom in products that help balance the microbiome of the intimate area.

We are also seeing diversity in concepts that include products for the different genders and a rising demand for Microbiome-friendly intimate products for women.

What is the current status of research of the female microbiome at different life stages and how can the cosmetics industry take care of it?

Hedy Scheck, CMO MyMicrobiome, will hold a lecture on the female microbiome at NYSCC, May 2, 10.35 AM, Room 1C03

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