We offer the only registered certification mark for Microbiome-friendly cosmetics, ingredients, and textiles. Our certification mark is the sole entity providing complete legal protection in 40 countries

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Our “Microbiome-friendly” certification is the leading industry standard

MyMicrobiome is an independent control body that rigorously tests products and single ingredients for the impact on the skin’s microbiome. Based on human microbes, we developed a standardised test which creates clear, significant results in vitro. The tests are performed in both independent and also owned certified laboratories in Germany and give information about the influence on the key species of the skin microbiome. The product shall respect the microbial diversity and balance of the skin.

All tests are animal-free.

The world's first and independent microbiome certification provides clarity

Numerous so-called "Microbiome-friendly/gentle" products are already flooding the cosmetics market without any control authority behind them. With our standards we bring clarity to this unregulated market. For the health-conscious consumer our certification is imparting confidence in your product. Quality seals are a very important factor for consumers in aiding the decision process which items to purchase.

We have developed the world's first standards for Microbiome-friendly products, which examine cosmetic and skin care products and test their influence on the microbiome. Once the product has passed the test, it may carry the "Microbiome-friendly" seal of approval.

Our tests are based on the latest scientific findings

Since each skin area has a distinct microbial composition we have developed seven different standards for face, body, scalp, mouth, nose, vagina, vulvo-vagina, foot, and infants. Each standard is designed to address the specific microbial characteristics unique to its corresponding skin region.

Depending on the application site, we collaboratively determine with the manufacturer which specific skin area should undergo testing. For each designated skin area, we conduct separate microbial panels that encompass 80-90% of the crucial microbes for comprehensive evaluation.

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