Huda Kattan announces Huda Beauty rebrand: "I'm finally taking back my power as CEO"

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 29-Feb-2024

The Dubai-based make-up entrepreneur will also discontinue products, including Glowish

Huda Kattan has announced "pivotal changes" to her eponymous beauty company. 

Huda Beauty will be rebranded with a new logo, brand identity and packaging by the end of the year, said Kattan in a video on Instagram. 

However, the brand's product portfolio will be streamlined and make-up/skin care hybrid line Glowish (campaign image above) will close after three years in business. 

The make-up artist and influencer claims that this is the first time she is "thinking holistically" about Huda Beauty, as she launched her company focusing on her debut eyelashes product. 

She also noted how influencer brands have improved since her launch and that Huda Beauty needed to evolve. 

"[It is] the brand I would have developed had I had the means to do it, had I known that we would have developed a full brand, that what's you're going to see this year," she said. 

The changes follow a shift in the company's leadership team. 

Kattan stepped down as CEO in 2020 and promoted former NYX President Nathalie Kristo from Global Deputy CEO to the top role.

Kristo left in 2021, with Kattan and her husband sharing the CEO role. 

"I'm finally taking back my power as CEO of Huda Beauty," said Kattan in the video. 

“I had received advice from a lot of incredible people around me and they weren’t necessarily wrong with the advice, but they shared with me, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing running a business and you need to get some real people here in order to get the business to go from where it is right now to the place you envision it going,’” she said.  

“They were definitely right about that. I needed to get some experts in place, but I think maybe some of that guidance was pushing me too far down one way. 

"I did end up bringing in amazing people, but I also ended up not doing some of things that were so important to me,” she continued.

She said that she ignored her own instinct and did not listen to herself to remain as CEO. 

"Which is crazy to me now because listening to myself is what built my business, listening to myself is doing what people told me at the time were impossible. 

"At the time, influencer brands were not going global at all and I kept on listening to that voice in my head saying 'no, you don't need to follow a blueprint, you're going to create something new'." 

“It has been one of the biggest regrets of my life because I didn’t listen to myself.

"I felt in the moment that it was wrong, but I felt that I didn’t know better,” she added. 

“The reality is the mistake took a lot out of me.”

When she stepped down in 2019, the decision was to enable Kattan to focus on product development and content marketing.

However, while she was involved in NPD, they were not her "vision and heart", and Kattan said in the most recent video that the last time she led product development was in 2019. 

Huda Beauty launched in 2013 and has gone on to be one of the beauty industry's leading brands. 

The independent company has repeatedly outpaced make-up rivals to be named the most popular brand on social media.



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