IFF to reveal trends that shape the beauty and personal care industry at in-cosmetics Global 2024

Published: 26-Mar-2024

Visitors will experience the latest innovative concepts showcased through a unique, multi-sensory presentation

IFF and its in-house natural ingredients specialist, LMR Naturals (LMR), will be presenting trendsetting concepts and the latest innovations at in-cosmetics Global 2024 in Paris, France from April 16 to 18 on Booth 1N140.

This year, IFF and LMR will go beyond the traditional trade show format and introduce an immersive sensory experience - “Divergent Dialogues: Where Art Meets Science in Personal Care Formulations.” This immersive experience will showcase eight innovative concept formulations, offering visitors a sensory odyssey as they engage in tactile, auditory and olfactory stimulation. Featuring IFF’s ingredients from the GENENCARE® natural active range, AURIST™ functional range and scent portfolio, these concept formulations exemplify the five key market and sensorial trends that IFF has identified as trends that will shape the beauty and personal care industry in 2024:

  • Holistic well-being: As consumers become more health conscious and take a holistic approach to their own mental and physical well-being, beauty routines will be extended beyond looking good to maximising pleasure, relaxation and wellness benefits.
  • Sensorial experiences: Consumers are prioritising sensorial experiences in their daily routines where they choose products that turn mundane task into moments of pleasure and fun.
  • Budget conscious: Amid economic challenges, consumers still make room for indulgence and prioritise products that deliver on functionality and efficacy without compromising affordability
  • Sustainable choices: Environmental characteristics of beauty and personal care products are becoming integral considerations in the decision-making process, reflecting a broader cultural shift towards responsible and mindful consumerism.
  • New trust equation: There is a shift in consumers' behaviour, emphasising a preference for scientifically backed products with proven efficacy and safety.

“Our unwavering commitment to innovation, coupled with substantial investment in research and development, underscores our creative and scientific expertise,” said Simon Herriott, president, Health & Biosciences and Scent, IFF. “This empowers our customers not only to navigate but to thrive in the fiercely competitive and ever-evolving beauty and personal care industry. Rather than merely keeping pace, we actively shape the future of personal care solutions.”

New launches and products that will be featured at the show include:

  • LMR Naturals’ Active Essences Collection: An innovative fragrance ingredient range offering renewable absolutes, and supercritical CO2 extracts processed with an upcycled CO2. The three ingredients that will be presented at the show: Narcisse Absolute Conscious LMR, Pepper Pink CO2 Extract LMR, and Pepper Timur CO2 Extract LMR, have been scientifically tested in vitro for demonstrating benefits to skin, hair and scalp care. This collection is also beneficial to emotional and cognitive wellbeing, as proven by the exclusive IFF BrainEmotions™ neuroscience program.
  • Oum Bodycare Formulation Collection:  A range comprising of a nectar body wash, in-shower sorbet body lotion, a neck and body serum featuring AURIST™ AGC, a novel readily biodegradable conditioning polymer enabled by IFF’s proprietary Designed Enzymatic Biopolymers (DEB) technology. AURIST™ AGC was launched last March as a hair conditioning biopolymer and reintroduced with a skin conditioning benefit on Oct. 9.

Visitors can gain unique formulation insights on the AURIST™ functional line at IFF’s technical seminar “Achieve Formulation Greats: Novel biopolymers for new textures and formats” on Wednesday, 17 April at 11a.m., Theatre 1.

IFF and LMR experts will be available at in-cosmetics Global 2024 on Booth 1N140 to discuss various renewable polymer options that can stabilise personal care formulations, sustainable high-performing ingredients and diverse innovative offerings. To book a slot for the immersive experience at in-cosmetics Global 2024, click here.


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