ILG Brackmills 2 opening soon: A brand-new sustainable fulfilment centre

Published: 29-May-2024

ILG shares: "As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’ve promised to only open eco-friendly facilities as we continue to expand our portfolio, so we’re excited to announce that ILG will soon be opening our newest fulfilment centre in the UK, ILG Brackmills 2.

Situated on the Brackmills Industrial Estate in Northampton, just around the corner from our first Midlands-based facility, ILG Brackmills 2 stands at just over 180,000 sq ft. making it our biggest facility yet, boasting a number of impressive sustainable features.

Opening in June 2024, the new warehouse is currently in its final stages of fit-out and has a ‘BREEAM Outstanding’ rating, meaning it meets the highest level of sustainability requirements. ILG Brackmills 2 will become ILG’s most advanced and state-of-the-art facility, with solar panels, rainwater harvesting, solar thermal hot water system and EV charging points.

Its central UK location will significantly expand ILG’s fulfilment capacity in the Midlands for new and existing customers, and offer extended carrier collection times, increased operational capability and improved scalability.

Contributing to Our Zero-By-Thirty Mission

Our customers and our customers’ customers care more and more about their impact on the environment, and as a growing 3PL we are well aware of ours too. That’s why the opening of new sites like ILG Brackmills 2 is helping us make significant steps towards our sustainability target of being a net-zero business by 2030. The new facility is net-carbon-zero, with a number of features which significantly reduce its impact on the environment.

The facility has roof lights as well as smart control LED lighting with daylight harvesting that adjusts to external light levels to ensure we’re never using more energy than we need to. With capacity for up to 25% of roof area fitted with solar panels, we're much less reliant on conventional energy sources to power it. The site’s energy efficiency is boosted further with its A+ EPC rating and air tightness of 1.5m³/hr/m².

Of course, we will continue to implement all the sustainable changes we’ve made across our other sites and facilities, such as using only recycled and recyclable materials, and partnering with sustainable partners such as Grundon to manage our waste and ensure none of it ends up in landfill. There will be multiple balers for cardboard and plastic, as well as a waste compactor to minimise collections and vehicle movement and, as is standard in all of our sites, all forklifts will be electric.

EV charging points are installed and there’s parking space for over 30 bicycles to encourage staff to travel to and from the facility in the most sustainable way possible."

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