Innospec’s Natrue approved ingredients 

Published: 31-Aug-2021

Delighted to announce that ten of their personal care ingredients are now approved by Natrue

In today’s world of beauty and personal care, now more than ever there are higher demands from consumers for their products to be natural and organic.

Innospec are delighted to announce that ten of their personal care ingredients are now approved by Natrue.

The Natrue Label, which was created in 2008, is a guarantee for consumers because it sets a high standard that ensures that only high-quality natural and organic cosmetics with the highest levels of natural and organic ingredients can be Natrue certified.

Innospec’s Natrue approved ingredients 
  Natrue operate on a strict criteria for which products can be approved.
  • Natrue allow only natural, derived natural and nature identical ingredients

  • Natrue don’t inflate naturalness by counting water as an ingredient

  • Natrue guarantee no artificial ingredients

  • Natrue are a strong advocate for sustainability and apply high level criteria validated by expert scientists

  • Natrue grant the label only if the brand is strongly committed to our values

Innospec’s products approved by Natrue

Sodium coco sulfate surfactants

This range of ingredients are also COSMOS approved, 100% naturally derived and EO-free surfactants:

  • Empicol CZ/N(Sodium Coco Sulfate)
  • Empicol CZ/N MB(Sodium Coco Sulfate)
  • Empicol CZV/N(Sodium Coco Sulfate)
Empicol CZV/N MB(Sodium Coco Sulfate)

Glucoside surfactants

This range of ingredients are extremely mild, 100% naturally derived, sulfate-free surfactants with excellent foaming properties to create a gentle cleansing formula:

  • Pureact Gluco C MB(Coco-Glucoside)
  • Pureact Gluco D MB(Decyl Glucoside)

  • Pureact Gluco L MB(Lauryl Glucoside)
  • Pureact Gluco C CO(Coco-Glucoside)
  • Pureact Gluco D CO(Decyl Glucoside)

  • Pureact Gluco L CO(Lauryl Glucoside)

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