Innovations in sustainable Beauty - GEKA GHG emission reduction targets validated by Science Based Targets initiative

Published: 10-Jul-2022

High-precision beauty applicators manufacturer medmix Beauty (under its GEKA brand) has confirmed the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) well below the 2°C warming limit set by the Paris Agreement

The SBTi aims to speed the transition to a zero-carbon economy by boosting innovation and promoting sustainable growth. This will be achieved by providing clearly defined science-based targets for companies in-line with the Paris Agreement - designed to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels, preventing the worst impacts of climate change.

medmix, a global leader in high-precision delivery devices is committed to sustainable innovation across all its markets, with medmix Beauty (GEKA) now having fully validated its targets with the SBTi moving forward on a low carbon pathway into the future.

“Our science-based GHG emission reduction target proves our commitment to building a sustainable economy, by ensuring that we take robust actions that have a meaningful impact on the environment”, says Girts Cimermans, CEO at medmix.

“We work with independent experts, sharing our progress transparently with our customers, to giving them the confidence of choosing a low carbon option with our high precision beauty applicator solutions”.

medmix and its brand GEKA are helping to realise a sustainable, low-carbon beauty industry by reducing the environmental impact of the company’s activities and products. To support the fight against climate change, medmix Beauty (GEKA) has defined quantifiable targets as supported by the Science Based Targets initiative (STBi). Earlier this year, medmix Beauty (GEKA) released a comprehensive sustainability report, outlining the commitment to and progress towards the company’s sustainability goals.

The reduction of the carbon footprint of its global value chain is one of the key targets discussed in the report. Learn more about GEKA’s work to reduce CO2 emissions, minimise waste going to landfill, improve social responsibility and its commitment to a sustainable future by downloading the report here

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