Inolex granted patents for Cationic Amino Lipid Technology

Published: 13-Feb-2024

Bringing the most advanced, sustainable conditioning ingredients on the market to Korea and Brazil

Inolex is advancing innovation in key beauty care markets with newly granted patents for its cationic amino lipid technology. The two patents, issued in Korea and Brazil, claim Self-neutralizing amino acid based-cationic compositions and their use in cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical applications.

Both patents cover Inolex’s advanced conditioning ingredients under the AminoSensylTM Brand, including AminoSensylTM Ultra MB, Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Brassicyl Valinate Esylate and AminoSensylTM HC, Brassica Alcohol (and) Brassicyl Valinate Esylate.

AminoSensylTM is a quat-free conditioning line that delivers safe, natural, and environmentally-friendly hair care ingredients to brands seeking more sustainable options. Commonly used in hair conditioners, shampoos, and hair treatments, quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) bear a permanent cationic charge independent of formulation pH and are not 100% biobased. The permanent charge binds strongly to anionic surfaces, causing safety concerns, environmental persistence, and aquatic toxicity over their life cycle.

Inolex’s cationic amino lipid molecular design, however, incorporates a protonated primary amine derived from 100% biobased amino acid and neutralized with biobased ethanesulfonic acid resulting in a natural, non-permanent cationic charge that is safer for people and the environment.

According to Michael J. Fevola, PhD, Vice President of Research & Development at Inolex, “Our cationic amino lipids are the next generation of high performing conditioning derived exclusively from renewable sources and with improved sustainability benefits. We pursued patent coverage in rising beauty care markets like Korea and Brazil, as these markets set the pace for consumer innovation, particularly in scalp and hair care.” Further, says Fevola, “Providing access to ingredient advancements in growing markets like Korea and Brazil helps encourage more sustainable ingredient adoption globally.”

Inolex’s non-aquatoxic and readily biodegradable ingredients are designed using the principles of green chemistry and combine quat-free technology with uncompromising performance. For more information on Inolex’s patented cationic amino lipid technology, visit


Korea Patent KR102613882B1 Title: Self-neutralizing amino acid-based cationic composition

Brazil Patent BR112021017173B1 Title: Cationic compositions based on self-neutralizing amino acids and aqueous formulation

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