Inspiration 2023, discover the new collection of formulations by Gattefossé

Published: 3-Feb-2023

Gattefossé sets the tone for 2023 by launching its new INSPIRATION collection called Daring on the Daily

This is a joyful invitation that shakes up conventions to celebrate life as a manifesto and assert one’s uniqueness.

A kit with seven new formulas

Gattefosse’s application lab has developed a collection of seven innovative formulas that break the norms and explore new territories. Surprising and delightful, this new collection invites everyone to have fun, be bold, and be whimsical.

“For this new ‘Inspiration 2023’, we have given free rein to our imagination and creativity in order to offer a brand new innovative and inspiring concept to our customers. I invite everyone to re-enchant your daily life by reclaiming it with our new collection of formulas where everything is allowed... Shake up your beauty routine, have fun, and be “daring on the daily”!”  says Marine Lochouarn, Technical Marketing Manager at Gattefossé France.

Dive into Daring on the Daily

This 2023 edition is organised around three key trends – I.D. Manifesto, Playground, and Experience the unexpected – each aiming to celebrate a new expression of beauty encouraging disruptive and playful cosmetics. They can be used as an ideal medium for consumers to express their individuality while having fun and exploring different aspects of their personalities.

I.D. Manifesto
It is no longer a question of trying to hide imperfections; but letting them be a pathway to individuality. A desire for self-acceptance and self-expression.

What if everyday life became a playground (again)? Gattefossé encourages more playful cosmetic application with new formulas.

Experience the unexpected
It’s time to discover new territories! Between the real and imaginary, appearances can be misleading…

Focus on three formulas

- Primer-to-Powder, a makeup base with a creamy texture transforming into a powdery touch with a silky after-feel;
- Glittering Gummies, a highlighter with a gummy-like texture in a travel-friendly format depositing shimmery pearls;
- Alien Slime, an optical illusion cream-gel that may surprise with its stringy, slime-like texture but captivates with its comfortable and non-sticky after-feel – perfect for a soothing massage.

More than ever, Gattefosse stands by the cosmetics industry to stimulate creativity and explore new horizons.

To find out more and discover the entire collection, visit the dedicated web page.

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