International consortium to hunt for new natural cosmetic ingredients

Published: 20-Jul-2010

Plant extract investigated for useful compounds

An international consortium will generate and investigate a liquid library of 3,600 plant extracts, hunting for compounds useful for cosmetics (and food) manufacture.

Germany’s BASF and Bruker Biospin GMBH and Greece’s Korres SA Natural Products will work with national research centres from Greece, France and South Africa plus universities from Greece, Panama and Switzerland in this 2010-2014 €4.2m, EU funded research project. Plants will be collected from Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region.

Participating researchers will first assess 500 compounds from existing repositories, screening for cosmetic properties such as UV protection, anti-ageing, anti-hyper-pigmentation and agrochemical uses. Results will guide studies of plants collected through the project.

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