Introducing Akocare Coconut RA SG by AAK Personal Care

Published: 1-Mar-2022

A new Rainforest Alliance certified coconut oil from a segregated supply chain, traceable to farmer level in Indonesia.

Akocare Coconut RA SG is a refined coconut oil rich in lauric fatty acid content and delivers certified traceability for a widely used cosmetic ingredient where supply chain transparency is particularly challenging. AAK Personal Care, who will be showcased on the AAK Stand, V20, at in-cosmetics Global in Paris, is pioneering new ethical standards with this cosmetic grade coconut oil, offering both Rainforest Alliance segregated and Vegan Society certification.

Akocare Coconut RA SG is suitable for use in a range of beauty and personal care applications due to its moisturising, softening properties. It offers a sustainable alternativevto fossil-based materials in body and baby lotions, in which it provides high stability, good spreadability and delivers a pleasant non-oily after-feel. In soap bars, it allows for improved foaming.

Production is aligned with stringent Rainforest Alliance standard requirements for farming and includes better agricultural management, compliance with human and labor rights and appropriate control of agrochemicals. AAK works with its Rainforest Alliance partners to train farmers in sustainable practices to rejuvenate trees, improve coconut crop quality and yields, and create long-term increased productivity and higher incomes. Rainforest Alliance certified farms respect human rights and work towards better livelihoods for farmers and workers, addressing child and forced labor and promoting gender equality and non-discrimination.

"Rainforest Alliance segregation is a traceability process in which the certified coconut is kept separate during all supply chain stages. For Akocare Coconut RA SG, that means from the farm in Indonesia to production in Sweden", explains Lisette Townsend, Global Business Development Director for AAK Personal Care. "We expect there to be significant interest in this, as it allows brands to strengthen sustainability credentials around coconut oil-based beauty products. And, in turn, drive the expansion of Rainforest Alliance certified coconut farmers, offering better opportunities for all."

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