Introducing Covalo x in-cosmetics: Your gateway to fast and easy beauty product development

Published: 8-Nov-2023

In the dynamic realm of personal care, innovation and collaboration are key drivers of success. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with the in-cosmetics Group, unveiling our brand-new platform Covalo x in-cosmetics

This exciting collaboration brings forth the largest ingredient platform for the Personal Care industry, redefining the way you discover, connect, and collaborate with thousands of beauty ingredient suppliers worldwide.

Previously, the Covalo and in-cosmetics partnership gave birth to Discover, an innovative platform designed to reshape how visitors and exhibitors at in-cosmetics events discover their best business matches before, during, and after in-person events.

Now, this partnership has evolved into a platform that bridges physical and digital all year round.

How Covalo x in-cosmetics will benefit you

With this partnership, a world of opportunities and innovations opens up. Here’s what you can expect from Covalo x in-cosmetics:

  • Unparalleled access - Covalo x in-cosmetics opens its doors to all, breaking down barriers and ensuring that this invaluable resource is available to everyone in the cosmetic industry, regardless of whether you’re attending or exhibiting at in-cosmetics events.
  • Enhanced search index - The new platform introduces an advanced search index that streamlines ingredient exploration. With access to over 80.000 ingredients from more than 1.000 suppliers worldwide, finding the perfect ingredients for your project has never been easier.
  • Seamless transition - For those familiar with Discover, rest assured that the platform will merge with Covalo x in-cosmetics, offering you the combined benefits all year round. Your personal profile, including previous bookmarks, projects, and records of past requests, remains intact for a seamless transition.

Start your year-round journey of discovering suppliers and ingredients on the Covalo x in-cosmetics index. Use filters to find specific suppliers or ingredients: all suppliers, whether they are exhibiting at upcoming in-cosmetics events or not, are now listed, granting you access to twice as many suppliers, and over 80.000 ingredients.

Explore the wealth of new features, such as the contact center and the project space, and start searching for ingredients and services online throughout the year.

The most exciting part? Covalo x in-cosmetics is completely free of charge. There are no hidden paywalls or pricing tiers; our mission is to make product innovation fast and easy for everyone!

Navigating Covalo x in-cosmetics

For new users: Start exploring Covalo x in-cosmetics for free. Sign up here!

For existing users: If you’ve created an account on Covalo or Discover in the past, you can directly log in here.

If you’ve forgotten your login details, recover them here.

For any login-related questions or assistance, reach out to

Your profiles on Covalo and Discover remain intact, preserving all your bookmarks, projects, and historic records of requests.

In conclusion, Covalo x in-cosmetics is a groundbreaking platform that reimagines beauty product development. As the largest ingredient database in the Personal Care industry, it offers you unrivaled access to ingredient suppliers, advanced features, and year-round opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced user or new to the platform, the transition is seamless, ensuring your journey to beauty product development continues without disruption.

Join us and unlock a world of possibilities in personal care. Your beauty product development starts here!

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