Jaclyn Cosmetics fate uncertain as YouTuber Jaclyn Hill closes other brands

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 7-Aug-2023

The beauty vlogger said she does not know what is going to happen with Jaclyn Cosmetics as she shutters her jewellery and apparel brands

The future of Jaclyn Hill’s make-up range Jaclyn Cosmetics is uncertain as the influencer announces the closure of her other brands. 

The beauty YouTuber announced in a video that she is shutting her jewellery brand Jaclyn Roxanne and apparel and accessories range Koze because they are not “serving” her. 

Although Jaclyn Cosmetics remains in business, Hill revealed that its fate is up in the air. 

Her announcement comes not long after the Jaclyn Cosmetics’ parent company, Forma Brands, has emerged from bankruptcy.

The US cosmetics company, which also owns Morphe, was acquired by lenders and additional investors in April and has since sold off Ariana Grande's r.e.m. beauty’s assets

“At this point, I do not know what is going to happen with Jaclyn Cosmetics because of the decisions I made,” Hill said in her YouTube video. 

“I really stepped away… and just did the bare minimum.

“I did the bare minimum supporting my brand in [US retailer] Ulta Beauty, which is crazy because it was literally my dream.

“I have not given that relationship the love that it deserves because I just felt like such a failure.” 

Hill revealed to her 5.56 million subscribers that she has not properly nurtured Jaclyn Cosmetics since the make-up line’s disastrous debut in May 2019. 

The beauty vlogger had to cease production of her collection of 20 nude shade lipsticks after a flurry of complaints.

A number of disgruntled consumers accused her lipsticks of being mouldy and hairy.

Hill recalled the line in August 2019 and refunded customers due to quality issues, before eventually relaunching three months later

“The way I handled the lipstick [complaints] is the biggest regret of my entire life,” said Hill.  

“I thought that launch was going to be my legacy. It still haunts me. 

“I definitely feel ashamed and like I blew it.”

After the failed launch, Hill said she took a step back from the business and became almost “zombie-like”.

“I did the absolute minimum as a founder and CEO,” she said.   

“I just relied on my team to just kind of float me through everything. 

“I fell into such a depression.”

Instead of pouring herself back into cosmetics, Hill said she decided to launch jewellery range Jaclyn Roxanne in 2021 and accessories brand Koze in 2022 instead. 

“I decided, well, gotta create new brands,” she explained. 

“Gotta prove myself to my followers that, you know, I am a bad bitch and I can do this.

“I have finally, over the past couple of months, had to really admit my wrongs.

“Where I personally fucked up as a creator, as an owner and as a CEO. 

“I have decided to shut these brands down because it is time to own up to my shit.” 

A new Jaclyn Cosmetics product, however, is in the pipeline, with hopes it will bring fresh life to the make-up brand.

Hill said in the video that it is her most “innovative” launch yet. 

“You can see that I have put time and effort into this product with my team,” she said. 

“There is nothing like it – no formula I have ever seen on the market like this. 

“I just want to be able to give my brand the love that it deserves.

“Even if that means it ends up shutting down too, like, on the way out, I have just gotta stay true to myself.”  

Hill started her career as a MAC Cosmetics make-up artist and beauty YouTuber. 

Before launching Jaclyn Cosmetics, she partnered with make-up companies Becca Cosmetics and Morphe on limited edition collections.

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