JAKA’s fruitful achievements witnessed at PCHi 2023

Published: 22-Feb-2023

Solarepare MB has won PCHi 2023 Fountain Award for UV Stabilizing, and R&D Director Inna Lu has also been nominated as the Outstanding Individual of the Year

The awards are highly competitive and rigorous, with a panel of 18 judges selecting winners from 14 products and personnel categories.

Solarepare MB is a natural active raw material extracted from Magnolia biondii flower. Its flowers are rich in lignans, which can effectively reduce the number of sunburned cells induced by ultraviolet (UV), reduce the reactivity of skin cells and blood vessels, improve skin structure and erythema, and alleviate UV damage.

Except for this award, Solarepare MB already won 2022 Ringier Technology Innovation Award.

At PCHi, Biomenta BF, an active ingredient by fermentation, was first launched globally which slows down cell ageing by reducing nuclear damage, promoting HES1 and collagen I expression, enhancing mitochondrial activity, and inhibiting MMP3 expression, and improves skin elasticity and collagen density, delays the formation of wrinkles, and increases skin ITA°.

At the same time, JAKA also shined brilliance and made speeches in four thematic forums:

  • NOTCH-HES1 pathway unlocks new cell-level anti-aging code.
  • Comprehensive verification of precise targets for skin intelligent moisturising regulation.
  • Photoprotection of DAMPs core alarmin HMGB1 target.

What deserves special attention is the speech delivered by R&D Director Dr. Liu in the PCHi Oral Care Conference - the evaluation system research based on the oral microenvironment, which heralds the in-depth research of JAKA in the field of oral cavity, and indicates that our new product Oralitos PE for oral care will be launched in the near future.

JAKA has always been adhering to the original intention of "To lead in the industry of efficacious raw materials" and “Inspiring Beauty of Future” on the way.

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