JAKA’s products won Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2022

Published: 31-Aug-2022

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2022 were successfully presented on August 24 during the Ringier Personal Care Technology Convention held in Guangzhou

Under increasingly fierce competition, JAKA stood out and won Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2022 for four products: Calmnerv CR, Gmoist CS, Smopore LC, and Solarepare MB.

Calmnerv CR is targeted at the novel neural pathway TRPV1 to address the pain points of sensitive skin. lt can effectively inhibit the activation of TRPV1, consequently reduce extracellular calcium influx, and relieve discomforts of sensitive skin caused by different stimuli. It is COSMOS approved with safety tests verified.

Gmoist CS identifies a pathway associated with both moisturisation and barrier: proFLG-FLG-NMFs, which was shown to function as an intelligent regulator, allowing the skin to adapt to a wide range of humidity conditions.

Based on a study on the life-cycle of sebaceous glands, Smopore LC was developed with the patented SZ95 cells firstly applied in China, which simulate primary sebaceous gland cells with excellent robustness. By regulating the sebaceous glands, Smopore LC can achieve the effect of pore shrinkage through a unique oil control pathway from the physiological level, which is COSMOS approved with safety tests verified.

Solarepare MB is designed to alleviate UVB-induced damage by reducing sunburn cells, regulating HMGB1 in DAMPS, the alarm factor of sunburn storms, and relieving vascular activation. Approved by COSMOS with safety tests verified, it can provide both photo defence and repair through a physiological pathway.

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