Laserson to distribute Amyris squalane in Europe

Published: 15-Apr-2013

Announcement made at In-Cosmetics Paris

US renewable specialty chemical company Amyris has named health and beauty ingredients supplier Laserson as exclusive distributor of its squalane product in the European market. Amyris squalane is distributed in North America by CenterChem and in Japan by Nikko.

"Since our first sale of Amyris Squalane two years ago, we have grown to become a leading global supplier of high-purity squalane to the cosmetics and personal care market. We are now helping to grow the global market for renewable squalane working in partnership with Laserson and leading European formulators," said John Melo, President & CEO of Amyris.

Amyris squalane is said to be derived from a unique biotechnology process that enables the reliable and sustainable production of 100% plant derived squalane. It comes from simple sugars, such as those found in sugarcane, and is an emollient that helps to prevent skin moisture loss while restoring suppleness and flexibility to the skin.

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