Light: a new line of lightweight glass for skincare

Published: 9-May-2024

The range includes two bottles of 15 and 30 ml, and a 50 ml jar

With the launch of the Light line, Eurovetrocap once again distinguishes itself in its commitment to offering cutting-edge glass solutions, confirming its strong focus on ecodesign. The simple and cylindrical shape fully meets the needs of the skincare sector, standing out with a rounded base that adds a touch of sophistication.

The range includes two bottles of 15 and 30 ml, and a 50 ml jar. The bottles, respectively lightened by 15% and 22% compared to their counterparts in the Make Up line, are available with a wide range of 18/400 sp. accessories. Among these, the Make Up ID and XS ID pumps stand out, ideal for gels, fluid creams, or foundation, as well as the Make Up dropper, perfect for serums and illuminators.

Additionally, the Make Up screwcap and its reducer are a perfect match for oils or delicate formulas.

The Light 50 ml jar is 30% lighter than the popular Laurence 50 jar. Combined with the Stefy 50 lid in various finishes - glossy, matte, or aluminum covered, it perfectly aligns to create harmonious packaging suitable for all types of face creams.

This lightweight strategy not only aims to reduce the environmental impact of packaging by reducing the quantity of raw materials required but also influences the entire logistics of the finished product, thanks to the reduction in weights and volumes transported.

Elegant, versatile, and lightweight, the Light line meets all ecodesign criteria without neglecting aesthetics, functionality, and formula protection.

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