Set a course for recycled packaging!

Published: 24-Jul-2023

Known for the wide range of articles available from stock, Eurovetrocap pursue its efforts to make eco-design accessible to every brand: the offer now includes no less than 50 standard solutions made from recycled materials

Jars Carven 50 and 150 ml are found amongst the latest additions: valued for their compact shape and large opening in body care and haircare applications, they become available for the first time in recycled PP. Lightweight and monomaterial thanks to a PP gasket, the Tim New lid pulls yet another lever of eco-design in a brand-new recycled PP version. Quite a match for recycled glass jar Laurence 50 ml, which remains amongst the most popular options. On the glass side, bottle Make Up 15 ml walks in the footsteps of the 30-ml capacity and is now declined in a 60% PCR glass version.

All these solutions and many more are part of the Zero In·Pack catalogue, dedicated to lower impact packaging solutions and eco-design strategies. Contact Eurovetrocap Sales for further information or samples.

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