LipoTrue acts as a central R&D engine integrating cutting edge technology platforms in order to provide advanced active ingredients with proven and solid efficacies. Our technological approach to innovation is the backbone of our ingredient development processes, aimed at delivering sophisticated active ingredients to meet end consumer’s needs.

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SP[AI]³™, Smart peptide for sebum, pore, inflammation

SP[AI] ³™ is a unique peptide obtained in silico through AI among thousands of candidates, with optimal binding and specificity, to modulate not just one, but three key players: sebum, pore, inflammation. This triple specific targeting of SP[AI] ³™ ensures a complete approach revealing a decrease in both sebum synthesis and quantity, as well as a reduction in pore size, and obstruction, while also demonstrating a decrease in C. acnes-induced inflammation. In vivo, SP[AI]3TM provided a holistic approach with rapid results, revealing an improvement of skin imperfections, protoporphyrins, pore size, and sebum production, for a purified skin. Discover the AI-optimised 3-in-1 peptide that will completely open the door to create your own reality!

Frag-Brillin remastered™, the era of cellasticity

Cosmetic Business LipoTrue Profile Frag-Brillin remastered™ is a biomimetic fragment of human fibrillin-1, transiently expressed through LipoTrue’s Wild plants as biofactories technology, grown via vertical farming. Frag-Brillin remastered™ rebuilds elastic resilience stimulating fibrillin microfibrils and elastic fibers formation. It also promotes cellasticity and skin remodeling. It instantly improves firmness and elasticity in both face and bodyand immediately smoothes wrinkles. A remastered concept of elasticity, the era of cellasticity!


Calisensix™, Calm your skin, enjoy your senses

Bright lights, loud noises, and crowded areas are just a few stressors that can overstimulate our senses. This can result in sensory overload and increased unpleasant skin sensitivity. Calisensix™ is an ingredient obtained from the bark of white willow and the stem cells from tomato coming from the Greenology technology. Calisensix™ resolves neurogenic inflammation, soothes discomfort, and enhances pleasant sensations in sensitive skin, both self-perceived and objectively detected. Calisensix™ is your skin’s mindfulness coach that improves your self-perception. Calm your Skin, Enjoy your Senses!


Col-4-Frag remastered™, weaving the collagen net

Col-4-Frag remastered™ the newest addition of the Remastered Fragments line, is a sustainable and biomimetic collagen IV fragment produced by Wild plants as biofactories through vertical farming. Col-4-Frag remastered™ acts on the collagen IV net by intervening in its synthesis & anchoring thanks to perlecan & collagen type VII. This helps to form more interdigitations in the DEJ (Dermo-Epidermal Junction), promoting the nourishment and tightness of dermis and epidermis. As a result, you can enjoy a smooth and flawless neck and décolleté with less wrinkles and dark spots. Join the fragments revolution and weave your collagen net to enhance your natural neckline beauty.


V/WA™, Discovering A.Lipotrueae

V/WA™ is a fully vertically integrated product, completely controlling the three steps of the process:
D/scover, Develop and Del/ver. V/WA™ is the active ingredient obtained from the fermentation of a newly identified Alteromonas species: Alteromonas lipotruea. V/WA™ relaxes expression wrinkles acting along the three steps of neuromuscular communication: neuritogenesis and neuronal migration, synaptic vesicles recycling and muscle contraction. V/WA™ smoothed wrinkles on crow’s feet, the forehead and even those challenging hidden wrinkles that are revealed to the world when smiling or frowning.


Poptide™, organizing skintropy
The circle is a simple but perfect geometric conformation that helps to maintain order. Much like a circle, a cyclic peptide does not have a beginning nor an end, making it less prone to enzymatic degradation and hence more efficient. Poptide™ is a cyclic peptide that organizes skintropy by raising BiP and calreticulin (folding optimizers) in the endoplasmic reticulum improving protein folding. Poptide™ acts on the WDC by reducing morning & evening wrinkles, redefining the wrinkle’s daily fluctuation. Make your skin pop the whole day with Poptide™, the cyclic peptide that restores the order to the skin.


Echioseb™, Adaptogen sebum controller

Echioseb™, an ingredient obtained from Echinacea purpurea, and the stem cells from Rhodiola rosea from Greenology technology. Its function is to adapt and allow the skin to normalize sebum content and release, pore size, elasticity and hydration by regulating the sebum biosynthetic pathway following the steps of retinoids. Echioseb™ is the adaptogenic sebum controller that customizes its efficacy by adapting to the different needs of combination and oily skin.


Timlog™, Redefining the past

Timlog™ is a plant-based human TIMP-2 (Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases) produced in Wild plants as biofactories technology. TIMP-2 is an inhibitor of all MMPs (specifically of MMP-2). Additionally, it increases fibromodulin which has an important role in organizing the ECM by binding to collagen, resulting in delay of fibril formation and the formation of thinner fibers. Timlog™ acts as a guardian for skin’s dermochronology, repairing dermal solar scars redefining the past.


Telessence, unveiling the ultimate range of actives for a complete wellbeing

Looking in depth we could differentiate between three different classes of stress that affects our skin’s appearance. Firstly, we find Phystress, a type of physical stress which depletes our body of energy and has a fatiguing impact on our skin cells. Secondly the emotional stress, Emostress, which is related to an increase in cortisol and Substance P and therefore, stresses the skin. Finally, Envirostress is the one caused by external aggressors such as UV/IR radiations or extreme cold and hot temperatures such as the ones caused by season changes, air conditioning, or sun baths.

These stresses can detriment our skin’s appearance and accelerate the normal aging pace. So how can we hit the brakes or rewind? Presenting Telessence, the ultimate range of active ingredients to tackle stress according to your skin's needs.

Col-Frag remastered™, A new collagen era

Col-Frag remastered™ is a type I collagen fragment produced in Wild plants as biofactories. This sustainable technology allows us to obtain a molecule identical to a fragment of the human collagen type I sequence, with the proper post-translational hydroxylations required to be fully functional.

Col-Frag remastered™ acts as a building block for collagen synthesis and as a collagen booster and revealed a synergistic and a superior efficacy to Ascorbyl Glucoside.


N_llscent™, The purity of your natural essence

Sebaceous and sweat glands secretions and skin waste are metabolized or oxidized to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as 2-nonenal and isovaleric acid. The cheese smell from the isovaleric acid is produced by the metabolization of sweat by skin microbiome.

N_llscent™ immediately gets rid of the isovaleric acid smell from feet and armpits and of 2-nonenal from the neck and the belly. Taking control of the Scent’aging of our odorprint to keep the purity of your natural essence.


Joybliss™, The joy of pluming

From LipoTrue Greenbeat™, Joybliss™ is a green active ingredient that helps to fill the wheel of plumping. Joybliss™ includes adipogenesis differentiation and prevents the adipose tissue aging by modulating its inflammation and increasing the collagen 1 content in the hypodermis thanks to the communication between adipocytes and fibroblasts. It reduces crow's feet and nasolabial wrinkles as a plumper ingredient soothes erythema and brings radiance to the skin.


Inspiring active ingredients:

ÆONOME™, A secret hidden 3 million years

Awarded with the first prize for Most Innovative Natural product at the 2021 BSB Innovation Awards.

Æonome™ is a bacterial ferment obtained from an ancient underwater cave located in Mallorca’s Island. Æonome™ unveils itself as an "agebiotic" that induces the release of antioxidants by a balanced microbiota protecting skin from visible signs of aging. Æonome™’s agebiotic efficacy reinforces the antioxidant protection of the microbiota of the skin cells’ ageless force, improving rugosity, wrinkles and hydration.


Awarded with the First prize at the 2019 BSB Awards for the Most Innovative Raw Material in the cosmetic active's category. Obtained the Best Active Ingredient Bronze award at the in-cosmetics NA 2018.

Munapsys™ is a botulinum toxin-like peptide obtained by in silico design in collaboration with experts in neuroscience. It is the 1st cosmetic ingredient able to act both in the pre- and post- synaptic pathways of muscle contraction and targets a key protein for the SNARE complex assembly (Munc-18).


SIRTALICE™, a Freezing blast from the deep sea

Sirtalice™ was short-listed at the 2018 Beauty Industry Awards.

Sirtalice™ is an active marine biotechnological ingredient that can help to recharge skin energy and, hence, induce skin protein synthesis improving strength and contraction. It offers a revolutionary instant lifting and a V-reshape of face contours in only 30 minutes. Its long-lasting efficacy provides a more luminous and firmer skin. An on-the-go freezing blast to help you to breathe out your true beauty.


iPeptide™, A good beauty sleep

Awarded with the 2021 BSB Innovation third prize for the Most Innovative Raw Material in the category of Skin & Eye Appearance.

iPeptide™ attenuates the exaggerated inflammatory response of the alarmin, IL-33. It prevents damage induced by sleep deprivation, presents melatonin-like properties against glycation & peroxidation and reinforces the first line of immune defense. It is time to start biohacking your sleep to improve fatigue signs, dark circles, eyebags and enjoy of a cooling effect.

LipoTrue, Our Science, Your TRUE Beauty

LipoTrue opens the door to further and more innovative science and technologies, overflowing with new concepts and novel active ingredients the dynamic and fast-changing cosmetic market.
LipoTrue acts as a central R&D engine integrating cutting edge technology platforms in order to provide advanced active ingredients with proven and solid efficacies.



  • Wild Plants as biofactories, for the biotechnological production of highly active synthetic proteins in whole non-GM plants
  • In silico and biomimetic design of new revolutionary targeted short-chain peptides with outstanding efficacies. Discovery of novel peptides through biomimetic design, inspired by nature’s masterpieces, mimicking life’s genius patterns
  • Marine bio-research, in collaboration with research institutes, we have proprietary collections of microorganisms for an unlimited source of new active ingredients. Unique species from the ocean’s depths and sea breeze, to the marine cnidarians and onshore halophyte plants
  • LipoTrue Greenbeat™: The use of botanical extracts still is a key source of ingredients in cross-cutting disciplines such as medicine, culinary, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. LipoTrue Greenbeat™ a beat sprouting botanical active ingredients with novel efficacies and applications.
  • Big Data Analytics, providing the best OMICS expertise to characterize active ingredients. Analyzed, shaped and guided to cleverly transform it into Smart Data.

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Echioseb; Timlog,;Telessence; Telmeric; Telessence Mitelion; Telessence Breeztel;Col-Frag remastered; N_llscent; Joybliss; Silstem-u; iPeptide; Arctalis; V-4s; Versillin; Neoclair Pro; Munapsys; Stellight; Skinarch; Sirtalice; Seadermium; Pauseile; Aeonome; Meiview; Marsturizer; Reneseed: Anargy; Wisegrade; Scelleye; Epitensive; Pureoxin.

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