Discover the era of cellasticity with Frag-Brillin remastered

Published: 22-Apr-2024

No fabric can compete with the luxurious beauty of our skin. Its fibers are strong, elastic and flexible adapting perfectly to us and granting a silky, luminous and wrinkle-free look

Fibrillin microfibrils are key for skin structural integrity, flexibility and remodeling, therefore their degradation results in wrinkles and sagging. Fibrillin is the main component of microfibrils and forms the scaffold for elastin deposition in elastic fibers Fibrillin microfibrils stretch and recoil triggering skin’s TGFβ repair response and fibroblast-to-myofibroblasttransition.

This induces, stress fibers, “cellasticity”, contractility, adhesion, and remodeling. Cellasticity, or the elasticity of the cell, is the capacity that the cell and the stress fibers have to contract and extend. Aged skin has less myofibroblasts, and thus less cellasticity Frag-Brillin remastered™ is a biomimetic fragment of human fibrillin-1, transiently expressed through LipoTrue’s Wild plants as biofactories technology, grown via vertical farming.

Frag-Brillin remastered™ rebuilds elastic resilience stimulating fibrillin microfibrils and elastic fibers formation. It also promotes cellasticity and skin remodeling. It instantly improves firmness and elasticity in both face and bodyand immediately smoothes wrinkles.

A remastered concept of elasticity, the era of cellasticity.

Discover the era of cellasticity with Frag-Brillin remastered

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