Lipstick GEA by Mktg Industry is pre-approved by Ecocert/Cosmos

Published: 31-Aug-2018

Lipstick GEA is an innovative packaging solution that perfectly mixes cardboard, paper and plastic.

It is an environmentally friendly solution pre-approved by Ecocert/Cosmos that reduces to the minimum the use of plastic by replacing it as much as possible with cardboard and paper.

"Our packaging has successfully passed Ecocert's evaluation tests in order to receive the Ecocert/Cosmos Attestation of Conformity.

The advantage is that Lipstick GEA has been pre-approved according by Ecocert/Cosmos standards, therefore the certification process for the brands is simplified by choosing a pre approved packaging" states Stefano Focolari, CEO and Managing director of Mktg Industry.

These paper-covered Lipstick allows to create an endless number of decorations with no limitations of colours and printing. An highly decorable solution, easily customisable and at the same time practical to fill and use.

Lipstick GEA is part of Collezione GEA: a complete line of innovative paper and cardboard packaging solutions for makeup that includes compact cases, lip glosses, lipsticks and mascara.

To see the list of Ecocert/Cosmos approved packagings:

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