Mktg Industry introduces new catalogue dedicated to glass packaging

Published: 6-Oct-2022

The new catalogue presents a wide range of glass solutions for the makeup and skin care markets

Mktg Industry has launched a new catalogue entirely dedicated to glass packaging.

The catalogue completes the offer of the Italian company, by inserting a wide range of glass solutions that meet the needs of the modern market: multifunctional packaging, with a unique and fascinating design.

Mktg Industry praises a selection of glass bottles suitable for both the makeup market and the skin care market, an important key to the new trends in the cosmetic market that sees growing demand for new packaging for colour cosmetics and care formulas.

The Packaging is presented in a variety of designs that give originality, elegance and add value to the glass packaging, that has always been perceived as a "top-of-the-range product". The proposal of Mktg Industry includes glass bottles enriched by a wide range of accessories: plastic or aluminium covered pumps, actuators with finger invitation, classic actuators, traditional plastic or aluminium covered droppers, up to a particular dropper with push-on technique.

The great plus of the glass packaging collection consists in the very wide range of decorations that can be realised, able to make the product unique by personalising it and meeting all the needs of the beauty brands.

  • Available on the glass: screen printing, hot stamping (in any color and without MOQ increase), 4K printing, matt/ frosted effect, color shading effect, color lacquering (covering or semitransparent and without MOQ increase).
  • Available on the accessories: screen printing, hot stamping (in any color and without MOQ increase), metallisation (in any color and without MOQ increase), shiny/ matt finish, available in any color and more.

Every Glass Bottle is also available in Full Service with a wide range of formulas.

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