Mailbox friendly bottles from Vetroplas

Published: 16-Feb-2024

Vetroplas Packaging has announced a new range of mailbox friendly glass bottles supplied in conjunction with its Italian manufacturing partner Eurovetrocap

The new Mailbox glass bottles, characterised by their rectangular shape and reduced thickness, have been designed to meet the growing demand from cosmetic brands for packaging solutions suitable for e-commerce.

With products often over packaged in standard sized cardboard boxes which require additional craft paper and bubble wrap, Mailbox bottles provide an eco-friendly solution with a contemporary squared look, which minimises waste.

In addition to the need for less packaging they meet another fundamental criterion of eco-design: light weighting. The 15ml version is 20% lighter than the standard 15ml Laura bottle offered by Vetroplas, the 30ml 22% lighter. The Chicca pipette dropper is on average 35% lighter than the company’s standard Minerbio dropper with equivalent finishes.

As the dropper is the most widely used accessory on the market for this type of bottle, the Chicca pipette has been introduced with a gloss black plastic collar and black nitrilic rubber bulb as standard. It will also be available with a white gloss plastic collar and silver or gold aluminium collar, all with a white nitrilic rubber bulb. Mailbox bottles can also be paired with a selection of wadded screw caps.

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