Market leader MyMicrobiome launches new Microbiome-friendly seal for textiles

Published: 24-Apr-2023

The world's first ‘Microbiome-friendly’ certification for textiles

A market survey carried out in March 2023, showed that as much as 93% of all surveyed consumers are interested in wearing textiles which are friendly to their skin microbiome.*

While the influence of personal care products on microbial health is increasingly being recognised, the effect of different textiles, that touch the sensitive skin microbiome on a daily basis, is still unmonitored and rarely taken into consideration.

Since 2019, PhD Kristin Neumann and her team have already certified over 350 personal care products of more than 80 brands for their Microbiome-friendliness. Now introducing a new seal, which tests textiles that come into contact with the face, body, scalp, vaginal, foot, oral, nasal, and infant skin microbiome, to assess their impact on the respective microbial ecosystem.

"Our seal for Microbiome-friendly textiles is a milestone in the textile industry and will fundamentally change it", states Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Kristin Neumann.

For the first time, we can now label and certify textiles like jeans, functional apparel, diapers, tampons, sheet masks, and other hygienic products that treat the skin’s microbiome gently. If they preserve microbial diversity and do not influence the growth of microbes, they are awarded the ‘Microbiome-friendly’ seal.

This seal facilitates recognition of Microbiome-friendly textiles for consumers and entails a competitive advantage for manufacturers and resellers to sustain the vital microbial diversity.

To get your products independently third party-tested, contact MyMicrobiome at


* Source: LinkedIn, MyMicrobiome Survey, March 2023



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