Minis, 4-in-1s and a 20s fragrance revival: John Lewis’ top 10 beauty trend predictions for 2022

By Becky Bargh | Published: 9-Dec-2021

British department store chain has revealed the beauty movements it’s backing in the new year

The make-up renaissance, as predicted by L’Oréal, is in full swing heading into 2022.

While the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has thrown a cat among the pigeons, maximalism is on the agenda for beauty shoppers heading into the new year, as many prepare to embrace bolder beauty looks across hair and colour, while skin care and wellness take a back seat.

And for its 2022 beauty trend predictions, British department store chain John Lewis is betting on just that.

The new year, John Lewis predicts, will also bring in a revival of intense perfumes and the return of the miniature beauty item.

Read the full round-up of top ten trends below.

1. Make-up maximalism

Number one on its forecast is ‘Make-up Maximalism’, as the retailer sees customers 'enthusiastically’ return to make-up counters.

When non-essential retail opened its doors on 12 April this year, John Lewis saw overwhelming sales of its colour skus.

Mascara sales skyrocketed 113%, blusher increased 181%, eyeshadow was up 145% and lipstick purchase grew 178%.

In-store foundation colour matching has also been on the rise over the course of 2021.

2. Health mind, health skin

Collagen supplements John Lewis has tipped to be a key focus in the ingestible sector going into 2022.

Number one seller is The Beauty Chef’s Collagen Inner Boost has seen 230% growth on its previous year’s sales.

Liquid and powder formats are also thought to remain strong, but as the daily commute comes back into the fold (maybe) in capsules and tablets are likely to take the top spot, said the retailer.

Collagen supplements will see a surge in the new year, predicts the retailer

Collagen supplements will see a surge in the new year, predicts the retailer

3. The big perfume return

Fragrance is the most searched-for category via, and 2021 has underlined the sector as one of John Lewis’ biggest money makers.

Compared to 2020, the category saw 24% growth and for 2022, the chain expects a roaring twenties revival. That means intense and strong scents.

“The idea of the fragrance wardrobe will boom next year with customers curating their personal collection of scents to match their moods, or even layer on top of each other to create a bespoke fragrance,” wrote the company.

This, John Lewis said, will also spill into other categories with strongly scented body oils and hair mists tipped to boom in the new year.

4. All about actives

Active-based products that target post-pandemic lifestyle-related skin concerns, such as maskne, John Lewis believes will dominate the skin care in 2022.

Murad’s retinal eye masks, which are designed to treat fine lines accelerated by screen time, are predicted to be a hit.

Kate Somerville’s BHA Eradikate skin care set that treats maskne is also being backed by the retailer.

5. The 90s pout returns

Following a hold on lipstick sales as masks became a permanent fixture in customers' wardrobes, the sector is seeing a comeback.

John Lewis expects to see sales of nude lipsticks rise in 2022

John Lewis expects to see sales of nude lipsticks rise in 2022

But instead of being dominated by power reds and bold colours, John Lewis believes that nineties nudes and beiges, as well as sunset tones, will come to the fore in the new year.

“Brands recognise that there isn’t just one ‘nude’ for all and John Lewis now houses 1274 lipsticks that fall in this category; we predict Charlotte Tilbury’s The Super Nudes collection will lead the way in 2022,” it said.

6. Beauty with purpose

Since introducing its BeautyCycle take-back scheme, John Lewis has managed to divert 600,000 hard-to-recycle beauty empties from going to landfill, and the retailer does not see that number slowing down.

Becoming the norm is the launch of waste-reducing refillable packaging, with Ouai and Rituals topping the leaderboard for exemplary results in John Lewis stores.

For 2022, the firm is putting money on Hourglass’ Curator Eyeshadow Pan Palette, a tin and PCR plastic palette, being a customer favourite.

7. Mini adventure 2022

Piquing consumer interest in 2018 were minis with a flurry of introductions hitting the market from MAC, Shiseido and Scentered.

However, the category’s popularity died down due to concerns of waste.

But John Lewis believes that bite-sized beauty will see a comeback in 2022, so much so that the retailer has installed a floor-to-ceiling miniatures wall at its Edinburgh, Scotland, beauty hall.

Meanwhile, according to statistics, miniatures are up 35% year-on-year, as customers are increasingly on-the-go, be it abroad or commuting to work.

Year round wellness will be customers' new focus over the next 12 months

Year round wellness will be customers' new focus over the next 12 months

8. The 24-hour wellness kit

Say goodbye to self-care Sunday, says John Lewis; 24 hours a day seven days a week wellness will deploy in the new year.

Calming essential oils are thought to take the lead in this sector as shoppers seek a slower way of life.

Customers are also predicted to become confident with mixing their own blends for pillow sprays and oils.

9. Beauty tech takes off

In 2020, John Lewis opened a dedicated beauty tech department, stocking products from Foreo, BeGlow, Dermaflash and MZ Skin, as more consumers bought tech tools to create their own at-home spa experience.

On the back of this, the company expects tech to take off in the new year.

The hero among the beauty tech tools was Foreo, with a 361% uplift over the course of the year.

“We predict this to accelerate in 2022, with innovations in the space moving from DIY tools to high-tech HydraFacials, Micropeels and Cryotherapy,” said John Lewis.

10. The new 2-in-1

Multifunctional beauty is a movement that has been on the rise since the skinimalism trend accelerated this year.

Frugal consumers looking for beauty products that are multi-functional and affordable, while delivering targeted results – something Cosmetics Business first predicted in 2020.

“4-in-1 products will take centre stage; several-step skin care routines will be replaced by a ‘skinimalism’ regime, consisting of highly concentrated products that address multiple concerns in one,” added John Lewis.

Read more about the trend from Cosmetics Business via the link below.

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