Naolys is a French company which, for 20 years, has been at the forefront of research and development into innovative biotechnological solutions, specialising in plant cell culture. Based on patented sustainable biotechnology, Naolys offers high-performance active ingredients that respect the environment and the skin. Naolys native Active Cells contain only natural compounds and components that plants would produce naturally. The products are 100% pure, non-allergenic, contain no preservatives, chemicals or solvents and, of course, are not genetically modified. With a rich library of over 100 cells, our passion for botany is reflected in our commitment to excellence. In addition to this, we offer bespoke development services, to provide a solution tailored to any specific needs.

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Our range of products is very large (from more than 70 different vegetal species), providing different kinds of claims (anti-aging, hydration, brightening, soothing, mattifying, antioxidant, slimming, protection etc.) and they can be integrated in any kind of beauty product (facial care, makeup, hair care and body care). All our products are tested in vitro for efficacy and security, and 27 have also been clinically tested.


With 4 standards forms (3 liquid forms and a powder form) they comply with sustainable objectives and standards and suit any natural or classic formulation.

All the products are manufactured in South West of France, close to Bordeaux. Naolys can also develop customized active ingredients according to your needs in terms of species and claims.


  • Classic Cells
  • Sister Cells
  • Active Plant Shells



Here are the main product claims Naolys’ actives answer:



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