New formula “Botanical Repair Shampoo Bar”

Published: 14-Apr-2023

Solid cosmetics are becoming popular because they match the recent eco-consciousness trend

These cosmetics contain no or much less water compared to typical liquid cosmetics and don’t need plastic package. From this kind of circumstance, shampoo bar formula’s need is increasing more than before. There are some shampoo bar products sold in personal care market, but most of them don’t have repairing ingredients for hair care because of too much focus on just earth-friendly surface.

Moreover, shampoo bar tends to become poor foaming during washing and not good sensory texture during washing away. To solve these problems, we developed a new reference formula “Botanical Repair Shampoo Bar.”


  1. Containing 2 kinds of plant-derived damage repair ingredients
  2. Eco-designed shampoo bar – water reducing formula and plastic reducing package
  3. Excellent foaming and good washing ability

Key Ingredients

PhytoCuticleTM - Biomimetic hair conditioning ingredient that mimics the cuticle structure
PromoisTM WJ-SP - Botanical Keratin; Repairing and strengthening hair like keratin


New formula “Botanical Repair Shampoo Bar”


  1. Mix A and D separately and heat them at 80 degree C
  2. Add B to A, and stir
  3. Add C to 2), and stir until uniform
  4. Add D to 3), and stir
  5. Pour into molds and let sit overnight at 0 degree C. Dry at room temperature.

Physical Data

  • pH 4.5-6.0 (as 1% solution at 25 degree C)
  • We recommend to get the storage at dry air or airflow place after using.



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