New Muck Daddy launch takes dirty work out of mechanics

Published: 27-Jul-2015

Amyris has launched an extra strength hand cleaner specifically for mechanics

Mechanics across the US are being given a helping hand to cut through the grease after a hard day at work.

Biosciences company Amyris has launched Muck Daddy High Performance Hand Cleaner, a hand cleansing product that contains a patented grease-cutting ingredient, derived from renewably-sourced sugarcane. Muck Daddy is said to moisturise and condition skin, leaving hands smoother and reducing the appearance of cracks.

New Muck Daddy launch takes dirty work out of mechanics

The product has been received well by industry, with initial pre-launch product shipments surpassing 3,000 units, according to the company. “We are very pleased with the initial pre-launch market response to Muck Daddy and delighted to join Brian Urlacher in celebrating the hard work of mechanics at this event,” said John Melo, President & CEO of Amyris. “We believe Muck Daddy is the leading product when it comes to better meeting the needs of the more than ten million industrial workers who get their hands dirty with oil and grease every day. We are in active discussions with several potential global sales & distribution opportunities for Muck Daddy and consider this our fastest product start. Muck Daddy is a great example of our belief that products can be the best performing in their class, a great value for the user and also better for our planet.”

To launch the product, Amyris teamed up with former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. Amyris also hosted a Mechanic Appreciation Day in Chiacgo on 26 July.

Muck Daddy is available online at with nationwide distribution occurring now through U.S. Autoforce, which has access to more than 35,000 automotive aftermarket and industrial outlets.

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