17,000 consumers accept Kanebo pay-outs after vitiligo symptoms

Published: 6-Jul-2017

In 2013, consumers started reporting the development of pale white patches after using Kanebo’s products containing ‘brightening’ ingredient rhododenol

Kanebo has issued an update on the number of settlement agreements now paid out to consumers that suffered skin damage after using its products.

The Japanese brand revealed that as of 31 May, 17,222 consumers have accepted settlement agreements, including those that have fully or nearly recovered.

In total, 19,590 consumers have been confirmed as suffering vitiligo-like symptoms as a result of using Kanebo’s products containing rhododenol or 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanol.

In 2013, Kanebo issued a recall after consumers started complaining about pale and white patches forming on their skin.

Kanebo recalled its Blancher Superior and White Deep products, which both claimed whitening and brightening skin effects.

Kanebo has confirmed that 11,928 individuals have fully or nearly recovered, according to its own data.

Rhododenol, developed by Kanebo, is a natural ingredient present in plans including the Nikko maple tree.

Kanebo gained approval from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for use of Rhododenol as an active quasi-drug ingredient in January 2008.

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