5 Golden Rules of dealing with confrontation at work

Your exclusive guide to having courageous conversations in the beauty industry by CEW

Not many people can say they look forward to having a difficult conversation at work, whether that’s asking for a pay rise, confronting a colleague or delivering bad news.

But more often than not, these discussions are needed in order for change to occur and progress to be made.

With 1,000 industry contacts, business connections and high-powered mentors, here Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) with the help of Janet Tarasofsky, Conversation Strategist, from Speaking Rights, presents its 5 golden rules of dealing with confrontation in the beauty industry…

1. Don't be afraid

When preparing yourself for a potentially difficult conversation or situation stay calm and consider the consequences should you not move forward with the conversation.

Think of the exchange as being a progressive way to establish facts and . . .

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