5 golden rules of dealing with failure

Your exclusive guide to what to do when confronted with a setback or failure by CEW

For some people, failing is the worst imaginable outcome to a situation, whether that's a business pitch, job interview, exam or settling into a new role.

But the concept of failure is one that sometimes doesn't help us, and reframing your perceptions towards it can actually improve your outlook and potential in work and life.

With 1,000 industry contacts, business connections and high-powered mentors, here Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) presents its 5 golden rules of dealing with failure in the beauty industry…

1. Find the success in failing

While failure may make us feel like we’re doing something wrong, it is an inherent part of any successful journey.

No matter how big or small, failure can momentarily set us back, knock our concentration and focus, but finding the . . .

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