AROMASE inspired the world to value diversity and inclusion


AROMASE once again is nominated in British Beauty Oscar - Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020 finalist

AROMASE inspired the world to value diversity and inclusion

Anti-hair loss essential shampoo Braille Missing Corner Design is a finalist in the 2020 Best Inclusive Hair Product category.

This new category award is significantly meaningful since 2019, as the only shortlisted brand from Taiwan this year, AROMASE will continue the concept of “Missing corner” reminder, and expect that this is just the beginning.

AROMASE believes that brands should consciously consider the needs of all individuals and groups, including different languages, cultures, skin colors, religions, and even the visually impaired consumer by maintaining the same user experience across the board.

AROMASE was firstly co-developed with dermatologist of natural effectiveness with 100% herbal formula. It relieves symptoms without causing drug resistance. Case by case, AROMASE has saved over 50,000+ people from scalp problems worldwide.

At the heart of AROMASE is the idea of the "Missing Corner" representing our scalp a place nearly ignored by the public:

  • Missing Corner = Our scalp
  • Missing Corner = Our scalp = How to make others complet
  • Missing corner is always a friendly reminder to pay attention to our scalp

The AROMASE Shampoo delivers scalp care concept with braille in English on the front and another in Chinese on the back.

The Green Diamond

Green Diamond - the name given by the consumers whose scalp problems such as hair loss, dandruff, oily, odor, and sensitive solved by AROMASE. Driven by scalp innovation and dermatologists' endorsement, AROMASE scalp shampoo distribution in more than 20 international countries.

3,000+ chain beauty and drug store, 50 large-scale hospitals, 400 dermatology clinics globally.

7 Features / 7 Treasures

AROMASE practices 7 features consistently to indulge customers by every shampoo for scalp.

  • SLS free
  • Artificial coloring free
  • Low pH - below 5.5
  • Amino acid base
  • Dimethicone free
  • Soap free
  • No chemical preservatives (No MI, MCI, paraben)

“Inspiring healthier scalp”
Beautiful hair comes from a healthy scalp.
Become more and more aware that scalp is our 2nd face which requires more care.
From doctor's endorsement to every home essential, let scalp breathe and hair grow!

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