Advanced application for cosmetic packaging designers

A novel elastomer technology is providing new options for cosmetics designers, as Rusty Martin tells SPC

Nubiform's open-cell porous structure enables the creation of applicators that facilitate the flow-through of liquid products

Product designers for cosmetics often seek unique materials that convey a sense of novelty and innovation. Materials that stay one step ahead of ever-changing consumer tastes.

Foams and foam-like materials are typically used for foundation sponges, lip stain applicators, liquid eyeliners and other products, and they need to incorporate features that enhance the consumer experience.

When using a cosmetic applicator, for example, consumers want a material that enables smudge-free contouring. Applying make-up can be a messy affair, after all, and any product that improves precision and performance helps build brands and capture consumer loyalty.

Recent developments in porous elastomer technology have given cosmetics designers a new level of freedom, flexibility and control. A new elastomer material recently introduced to the market is offering an alternative to foams and is . . .

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