Albéa Lipstick & Co on trend with lipstick and lip pen innovations

The Albéa Lipstick & Co experts have developed lipstick and lip pencil packaging and mechanisms to accompany brands in the Lip Art trend. With its increasingly sophisticated lipstick formulations, high-coverage textures for a long-lasting finish and vibrant colours thanks to ultra-intense pigments.

• For opaque, long-lasting formulations, the Albéa Lipstick & Co experts have developed Maestro, the perfect unguided high-tech mechanism.

Maestro is an unguided lipstick mechanism (Ø 12.7mm) that is free from POM, in accordance with REACH regulations. This PP-free packaging is compatible with a large range of formulations, particularly isododecane and isohexadecane-based formulations.

With its patented 'flex-tab' technology for controlled, constant use, Maestro feels natural and comfortable to use. The mechanism also includes a one-twist opening system that makes it quicker and easier to refill.

Maestro comes with Albéa's elegant standard packaging for the LS164 lipstick, but can be used with any specific packaging. It is manufactured and assembled in France at our plant in Plouhinec, Brittany.

• For creamier, more comforting formulations, Albéa presents Parisian Kiss, its new standard packaging featuring the Baystick lipstick mechanism.

The guided Baystick mechanism (Ø 11.3 mm) has been specially designed for soft, creamy formulations. It ensures the bullet remains intact throughout the lipstick's life. It also gives a greater application surface than traditional mechanisms, for more comfortable use.

Parisian Kiss' hermetic packaging protects the formulation. It is now available in a metallised plastic (ABS) or all-metal (aluminium) version.

• For very liquid formulations such as lip stains and foundations, Albéa is launching a Twist Pen Cushion, a pen with a very soft sponge tip.

Designed for any lip, eye or face application, the Twist Pen Cushion is easy to use.

You can control how much you want to use by simply twisting the pen.

Applied to the desired zone, the sponge reproduces the effect of applying with fingers, but is more hygienic.

The sponge can be coloured and the tip can be in silicone or a brush, giving you more options.

The Maestro, Twist Pen Cushion and Parisian Kiss Family innovations come from Lipstick & Co, the Albéa expertise platform dedicated to lipsticks, lip balms, lip pencils and face sticks. Lipstick & Co offers clients technical expertise, industrial know-how and creativity in terms of innovative standard solutions and personalised packaging.

Spread around the world, our industrial plants ensure fast, reliable development of new products and can take care of international launches.

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