Albéa’s EcoFusion Top range - Less plastic for a reduced carbon footprint

Published: 8-Jun-2023

As the most disruptive solution in weight reduction, the EcoFusion Top, available in D50 and now in D35, is an easy choice for brands to show their sustainable efforts

This innovative open-and-close system that replaces the traditional “head and cap” with only one component allows more than 80% weight reduction compared to standard head+cap solutions. This provides a 55%(1) weight reduction for the whole tube compared to standard tubes.

Made from HDPE, the solution guarantees mono-materiality and is ready to be recycled through existing recycling streams for HDPE bottles.

Combining reduction and recycling-readiness, Albéa’s award-winning solution tackles the main current challenges of the packaging industry:

  1. A disruptive design showing the material saving
  2.  A light-weight solution, -55% weight reduction vs standard solution on the market in D50 and -60% weight reduction in D35
  3. A lower carbon footprint solution, -57% carbon reduction vs standard
  4. A customisable solution, as EcoFusion Top can be combined with various sleeve options for laminate and extruded tubes
  5. An E-Commerce ready solution, compliant with the Ista-6 standard

Another advantage is that all these features are contributing to reducing the European Plastic Tax!

EcoFusion Top is the embodiment of Albéa Tubes’ commitment to create a sustainable tube packaging with a reduced carbon footprint.

(1) tube D50, 200ml, EcoFusion Top + Thin-Wall 350µm vs. standard head+cap with 500µm sleeve thickness.

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