Amyris signs Biofene supply deal worth expected $100m

Published: 28-Apr-2016

Renewable products company has agreed to supply a nutraceuticals company

Amyris, a renewable products company, has signed a five year supply agreement with a global nutraceuticals company, which Amyris predicts to generate $100m in revenues from.

The agreement relates to the supply of Biofene, Amyris’ brand of a long-chain, branched hydrocarbon molecule called farnesene. Farnesene is used to form the basis of a wide range of cosmetics products.

John Melo, President & CEO of Amyris, said: "This agreement represents a new highly disruptive partner application for our flexible Biofene ingredient ─ which supports multiple broad-based market applications and further solidifies Amyris' track record of helping solve partners' supply and product margin needs by supplying cost-advantaged renewable ingredients that perform better than current supply sources. We are experiencing significant growth in demand for our Biofene and Biofene-derivative applications from large markets such as tires, industrial lubricants, solvents, and nutraceuticals. This demand growth is accelerating our mission to make renewable products mainstream while making our company sustainable."

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