Antalgenics launches Calmapsin, a innovative neurocosmetic ingredient for sensitive skin

Published: 4-May-2020

The skin and the nervous system are strongly related; dermis and epidermis are highly innervated by neurons that respond to external and internal stimuli.

Thanks to Neuroscience we can understand the relationship between skin and neurons, this scientific knowledge has leaded AntalGenics to develop Calmapsin, an innovative neurocosmetic ingredient to reduce sensitive and atopic skin signs.

Calmapsin is a novel neurocosmetic ingredient designed for the daily care of atopic and sensitive skin. Calmapsin has a 360º effect over sensory neurons and skin cells: Improves skin barrier function and moisturization, protects against oxidative stress and reduces the itching sensation:

  1. Itchiness from atopic and sensitive skin is mainly mediated by the capsaicin receptor, that is expressed in sensory neurons and skin cells. Calmapsin, reduces the 99,6% of the capsaicin receptor’s activity, what diminishes itching signalling from its origin. In volunteers, 15 minutes after application, Calmapsin reduced itch sensation to a 21,8% compare to the volunteers using placebo

  2. Barrier function is disrupted in atopic and sensitive skin, this facilitates the entrance of pathogens and allergens inducing an inflammatory response in the skin. Calmapsin reverts the impairment in barrier function by inducing the expression of key genes for skin barrier. This effect is translated to an increase in moisturisation in the 48% of the volunteers using Calmapsin during 15 days

  3. Oxidative stress accelerates skin aging and atopic skin development, Calmapsin on the other hand, reduces a 40,4% of oxidative stress molecules in keratinocytes, protecting from oxidative stress damages better than ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Calmapsin is an innovative neurocosmetic ingredient that calms itch, protects from oxidative stress, and improves skin barrier function.

These three actions of Calmapsin on sensory neurons and skin cells allows to tackle the three main signs of atopic and sensitive skin, gathered in one ingredient.

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