Anti-pollution skin care achieves record rise

By Sarah Parsons | 22-Aug-2017

As UK consumers become increasingly concerned about the potential impact of the environment on their skin, they are helping to fuel the anti-pollution category

Image: Murad is one brand to invest in anti-pollution products

Prestige anti-pollution skin care has grown by 30% to a record £3.1m in the UK, according to The NPD Group.

The dramatic rise in 2017 was driven primarily by anti-pollution masks, which grew 112% from January to June.

The research firm said anti-pollution moisturiser was a star performer, generating a 62% growth.

Consumers are also flocking to cleansers and eye creams to help them minimise the impact of pollution, choosing products that to claim protect and defend the skin with antioxidants and SPF.

As well as moisturisers containing SPF, sales of foundations formulated with UV protection proved increasingly popular too.

Foundation formulated with SPF50 soared by 350%, beating the category average of 11%.

“The trend for anti-pollution skin care emerged a couple of years ago and has made a significant impact in the prestige beauty market,” said NPD UK Beauty Director June Jensen.

“At first, just a few brands launched targeted anti-pollution products, but now, as the market develops we are seeing more brands introducing products that are specifically designed to protect the skin from pollution.”

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