Are retail beauty consultants too intimidating for customers?


Beauty consultants need to change how they are perceived by the women who are too scared to ask for help

"What is your role as an in-store beauty consultant? Are you a gatekeeper who stands guard and decides who can access your beauty brands, or are you a keyholder who unlocks and opens the door to all potential buyers? Do you add perceived value to the sales experience, or detract from it?

Brands might want to carry through looks from their brand advertising in-store, but isn’t a consultant’s role to translate these sometimes unattainable images into something women can relate to, making the products more accessible and easy to buy?

It is ironic that sometimes you, the person who is there to help sell products, can be seen to be the biggest barrier to accessing counter brand make-up.

Is it time to take down the mask and change the face of the in-store beauty consultant?


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