Asquan’s award winning design just got a new companion!

Published: 5-Sep-2022

Introducing the Essential Push Button Tottle 15ml

Our original award-winning design took top place for CosmoPack’s Packaging Design Award. We received such a warm reception to this groundbreaking 30ml version that we decided to extend the line!

Introducing the newest member to our Essential Collection – the Essential Push Button Tottle 15ml.

All the same great features and functionality of the 30ml in a new and smaller pack!

Refillable, recyclable, and PCR possible - simple sustainability at its finest. The 15ml comes equipped with a 1.2mm orifice opening for precision dispensing of a multitude of formulations with the aid of our innovative built-in spring technology.

Refilling is quick and easy with a quick push out and snap in of the inner tottle. With two size options available, the Essential Push Button Tottle family is a great addition to any line!

Check out all the amazing features of this pack and more - visit Asquan’s YouTube channel!

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