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Published: 3-May-2024

Discover Asquan's new additions and award-winning favorites to their wide library of tottles, ready to go today!

Oval Collection (315, 30 & 50mL)

Introducing the newest family of tottles - Oval Collection, where elegance meets versatility in 15, 30, & 50mL sizes. Crafted with riverbed stone inspiration, these pebble-esque tottles add natural beauty to any product line. Experience the precision of the conical nozzle for seamless application and make a statement that elevates your brand's elegance. - Learn more here.

Ovo Tottles (30, 50 & 80mL)

Elevate your makeup game with the sleek and sustainable all aluminum compacts. Designed to hold your favorite pressed powders or hot pours, these compacts not only exude luxury but also contribute to a greener planet by being fully recyclable. - Learn more here.

Essential Tottle Collection (15, 30, & 50mL)

The Essential Collection of tottles is clean, modern, and versatile. The classic Essential tottles come in 15, 30, and 50mL fill weights with a chic form factor. The award-winning Essential Push Button tottles (15 & 30mL) with their unique "button-push" dispensing and rechargeable sustainable feature follow the same sophisticated look and feel. - Learn more here.

At Asquan – we know tottles.

Come see these squeezable packs in person at:

Luxe Pack New York
May 8 th -9 th , 2024
Booth E04
Javits Center

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