Asquan’s chic and sophisticated Essential Collection

Published: 23-Oct-2022

Essentials for every line-up!

We are proud to include our newest packs and showcase the entire Essential Collection. From a sleek trio of Essential Tottles (15, 30, and 50mL), to a duo of Essential Airtight Sticks (4-8g and 8-12g), to our newest two members – the Essential Push Button Tottles (15 and 30mL) - the Essential Collection is just that, essentials for all your packaging needs.

Essential Tottles

Asquan’s chic and sophisticated Essential Collection

With a full range of fill sizes (15, 30, & 50mL), these clean and sophisticated squeezable tottle body with two different nozzle opening sizes (2mm and 1.2mm orifice) that would suit most formulations. From color to skin care, this tottle family can handle the job.

Airtight Essential Sticks

Asquan’s chic and sophisticated Essential Collection

A sleek and sophisticated stick duo with variable fill weight capacity. This top-filled unit is suited to fit a fill weight ranging from 4-8g (small) and 8-12g (large) - opening up a range of formulations that can be housed in this one pack. With its double-gasket construction, your formulation remains airtight and pristine.

Essential Push Button Tottles

Asquan’s chic and sophisticated Essential Collection

The Push Button Tottles are refillable units with an integrated spring that dispenses out of the precision nozzle by depressing the tottle body from the end. There are two available size offerings of nozzle orifice (1.2mm and 2mm) to compliment a wide variety of formula viscosities. Refilling is quick and easy with a quick push out and snap in of the inner tottle. With two size options available (15 and 30mL), the Essential Push Button Tottle family is a great addition to any line!

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