Aveeno unveils winners of Skin Health Accelerator Startup competition

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 12-Jul-2022

The competition was originally launched in 2021, in order to help create a more diverse and inclusive skin care industry

Skin care brand Aveeno has unveiled the winners of its second start-up accelerator programme.

The J&J-owned brand's Skin Health Accelerator Startup competition, which took place in North America, aims to create a more “diverse, inclusive and equitable skin care industry”.

Arielle Brown, the New Orleans-based founder of Bea’s Bayou, has claimed the top spot for the 2022 edition of the contest.

The brand was launched in August 2020 to help those with highly sensitive scalp and skin get relief from itchiness and dryness.

The runner up was Dr Anne Beal, the founder of AbsoluteJOI, who is based in Washington DC.

Beal’s brand uses scientifically based active ingredients, combined with botanicals, to address common issues for melanin-rich skin.

The two finalists will now receive US$100,000 grants to help support their businesses and grow their product pipelines.

Brown said she will use the grant to build awareness for skin issues linked to mental health and diet, as well as launch new products.

She will apply for certification from MyMicrobiome, an independent control body that tests products and single ingredients for their impact on the skin’s microbiome.

Beal plans to use the money to support the launch of a new vitamin C serum, formulated to fade dark spots.

The serum requires a specialised packaging to avoid oxidation, and the funding will continue the development, prototyping and testing of different designs.

The competition sees candidates tasked with creating a one to two minute video introducing themselves, their business and how they got started.

They must also explain how natural ingredients play a key role in their products and the business.

Originally launched in 2021, the previous winners include Alodia Hair Care founder, Dr Isfahan Chambers-Harris, and Ariane Turner, who created skin care brand Look Good, Live Well.

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